Why Your Body Needs Mineral Baths

body needs mineral baths

Why Your Body Needs Mineral Baths

body needs mineral baths

At Carson Hot Springs Resort, we give guests a chance rejuvenate their body. For us, this rejuvenation comes in the form of mineral baths. Your body needs mineral baths for a variety of reasons. We believe it’s our duty to inform you of the ways in which our resort can heal you.

Here are some reasons why your body needs mineral baths

Lower Blood Pressure

For those who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, mineral baths should be a regular occurrence. Studies have shown that mineral baths help enhance blood circulation and reduce blood pressure. The magnesium levels and high temperatures in mineral baths work together to combat an increase in blood pressure.

Help Reduce Eczema

Eczema is a serious condition that makes even the worst bug bites look like nothing. A constant irritation and inflammation of the skin is something that nobody should have to deal with. Those who suffer from this condition should be taking mineral baths regularly.

There are thousands of people every year who visit the dead sea in search of curing their eczema. Many of them report that their eczema is reduced due to regular mineral baths.

Improve Skin

Another reason your body needs mineral baths is because of the benefits it has on your skin. Due to the high concentration of silica, mineral water strengthens cells between collagen and elastin fibers and also slows down the wrinkle formations of your skin. This translates to healthier and better looking skin that stays youthful for longer.

Digestive Help

If you find yourself feeling bloated or overly stuffed after a large meal, a mineral bath is the perfect cure. We’ve all been there, and most of the time we usually just try and wait for this feeling to pass. However, if you’re at Carson Hot Springs Resort, simply jump into a mineral bath. The sulfates in the water have been proven to release critical enzymes that aid in digestion.

No matter what your reason for using the mineral baths, make sure you try it out with us! We guarantee that at the very least, you’ll feel stress free and relaxed.

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