Why A Mineral Soak is Good in the Winter

mineral soak

Why A Mineral Soak is Good in the Winter

mineral soakAs the weather gets colder and you’re forced to wear more and more layers of clothes, it might be time to try a mineral soak. Due to the obvious cold factor, we tend to spend less and less time outside and more time on the couch. Without the constant use of exerting ourselves physically, we begin to get more stiff which in turn causes more and more joint and muscle pain.

This winter, when you find yourself aching or stiff, think about a mineral soak to combat that pain. A mineral soak at Carson Hot Springs Resort and Spa is the perfect cure to winter blues and body aches. Our newly designed mineral soaking tub offers a variety of healing benefits for your holistic recovery.

Here are some reasons a mineral soak is good in the winter

Increased Blood Circulation

As we stated before, wintertime usually causes people to be less inclined to go outside and exercise. While we know there are some extremely ambitious people who buck that trend, a majority of us find it very difficult to put on that winter jacket just to go for a walk.

Because of this winter-induced decrease in activity, your blood circulation begins to decrease as well. This is an aspect that a mineral soak is extremely beneficial. Due to the calcium and sodium bicarbonate in the water, your skin absorbs these minerals which leads to an increase in circulation and oxygen. This is very beneficial not only in your heart, but also for keeping your organs and vital tissues strong and in good health.

Natural Pain Relief

Just like with the decrease in blood circulation, being stagnant due to the winter cold can cause an increase in pain. Whether it’s in the form of creaky bones or muscle pains, wintertime has the unfortunate power of synchronizing with pain.

A mineral soak can cure that nagging pain and soothe your body. The minerals found in the hot spring water have a long history of helping reduce or minimize joint pains like arthritis.

Reduce Stress

Being cooped up in your home or office all day and night long can have effects on the mind that might not be so obvious. Whether you notice it or not, staying inside all the time can truly cause unwanted stress with no way to release this tension.

That’s where a good mineral soak can come in handy. We encourage people to try our soaking tubs before they consider taking pills because of the unnecessary health risks a pill can have. The minerals in the water can contribute to a healing process not only physically but psychologically. This is an incredibly useful benefit when you need a way to unwind and relax from the pressures that work and wintertime can have.

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