Top 8 Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Top 8 Essential Oils for Pain Relief

essential oils for pain reliefAs we stated before in our blog about essential oils, there are so many great ways to use this natural medicine. There are plenty of people who come to Carson Hot Springs Resort looking for holistic ways to heal, whether it be through a therapeutic massage or a rejuvenating dip in the mineral water. When talking with guests about what the most common problem they’re dealing with physically, the answer usually has to do with muscle pain. With that in mind, we decided to come up with our best essential oils for pain relief.

Here are the 8 best essential oils for pain relief


Along with the properties that help increase your appetite and help improve memory, this essential oil is also analgesic. Simply apply rosemary oil topically on your skin and watch as the pain in joints and muscle soreness ease away.


As you might have guessed, eucalyptus oil is extracted from the bark and leaves of a eucalyptus tree. One of the great essential oils for pain relief primarily because of the anti-inflammatory properties it contains. This makes it a great remedy for muscle injuries.


When taking a bath or getting a massage, strongly consider using peppermint oil. This essential oil is shown to have great help with muscle aches or joint pains. If you’re looking for lower back pain or headache relief, use peppermint oil topically for the best results.


Not only used as a garnish for sushi, ginger is one of the incredible beneficial essential oils for pain relief. Popularized as a digestive aid, ginger oil is also a fantastic combatant of autoimmune conditions. You can either digest the oil or apply it topically, and another bonus is that you can also use ginger oil for extended periods of time without adverse side effects.


With chamomile oil, you can choose between the Roman or German type of oil. In Roman chamomile oil, you have the ability irritability and stomach pains common in children. With the German chamomile oil, you can treat more painful symptoms brought on by inflammatory conditions.


What makes marjoram one of the best essential oils for pain relief is its versatility. If you’re having a stressful day at work and start to get a headache, put a few drops of marjoram oil in a diffuser. Maybe you had a long day of manual labor. Consider mixing marjoram with olive oil and massage into areas to relieve muscle spasms and aches.


Possibly the most popular essential oil also happens to be in our favorites for best essential oils for pain relief. Commonly associated with headache relief for serious problems like migraines, lavender oil also has great analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply topically for pain relief in areas most affected and you can also see the sedative benefits it has to give you better sleep.


Due to its overall warming sensation thyme has on the body, this essential oil is great for soothing pain and aches. If you find yourself overexerting your body during workouts or playing sports, you should try applying thyme oil on the body parts most overworked.
As you start to experience muscle aches and pains, we encourage you to consider using essentials oils for pain relief. You may find that it is more effective and less harmful to your body than over the counter medicine.

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