The 5 Best Reasons To Meditate

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The 5 Best Reasons To Meditate

While it’s no hidden secret, meditation remains a prevalent practice because of how beneficial it can be. Not only as a way to combat unwanted stress, the reasons to meditate are hard to put into just one list. Ironically, that’s what we’ll attempt to do for you today. At Carson Hot Springs Resort, we believe in holistic healing to get both the body and mind in the right place. Meditation plays a very integral role in this process, which is why we encourage everyone to take up this practice.

Here are our favorite reasons to meditate

Decrease in Depression

Dealing with depression is no joke and overcoming depression is no small task. Research has shown that meditation decreases symptoms brought on by depression. This may in part to the idea that people who meditate have more control over how their brain processes negative thoughts that depression can cause.

Relieves Headaches

There are few worse things than dealing with that awful compounding pressure in your head. The incessant feeling of closing space that keeps tightening in on your noggin. Thankfully, with proper mindful meditation, you ease that nagging tension.

More Happy Mindset

According to a study conducted by Chuck Raison, a professor at Emory University, people who meditated “were more empathic with people…spending more time with other people,” as opposed to those who did not meditate. This positive enlightenment that meditation brings about is another great reason to get on board.

Increase Memory Function

Perhaps you tend to misplace things or forget what you need to do. While not entirely uncommon, forgetful memory is always something to improve upon. Taking the time to meditate each day is shown to increase memory function and tune out distracting thoughts. This is a huge advantage for those looking to stay sharp as they get older.

Overindulge No More

If you struggle with having too much food or can’t control yourself while on a diet, mindful eating coupled with meditation might be a solution for you. An experiment conducted at UCSF created a test to see if meditation could cure the munchies (overeating). With 30 minutes of meditating and being taught mindful eating, participants managed to stay the same weight and reduce their cholesterol in the process. Those that weren’t given that aid actually gained weight in the same study.


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