4 Reasons to Stay at Carson in 2017

4 Reasons to Stay at Carson in 2017

There are quite a few obvious reasons to stay at Carson Hot Springs (like the healing effects of our natural mineral water and our quaint, authentic bathhouse), but there is a lot going on in 2016 that will make you even more excited to book your stay with us!

Try Carson’s Mineral Soaking Pool

mineral soaking poolCarson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort launched its highly anticipated mineral soaking pool in 2016 and the feedback has been tremendous. You can soak in the benefits of natural mineral water with your friends and family. There are both hot and cold mineral pools, as well as heated floors! It’s our favorite addition to the Carson resort and we think it’s been worth the wait. Try it once and we know you’ll keep coming back for more!

Get Customized Massage Therapy

mineral spa
Close up of man and woman getting massage together, on romantic holiday at the spa.

Carson offers the most comprehensive massage therapy treatment you could ask for, customized to your body’s specific needs. Whether you are experiencing arthritis, sports-related pain, or mental distress, massage therapy can have a whole host of health benefits attached to it. So this year, make a resolution to care for your body by getting a customized massage at Carson’s spa.

Relieve Stress Holistically

There are a number of ways to relieve stress holistically and Carson happens to offer many different holistic healing options. The aforementioned massage therapy is one of them, as well as our nearly miraculous all-natural mineral water. That’s why you should take a break from your busy life in 2017 and relieve your stress with a relaxing stay at Carson.

See Beautiful Scenery

Multnomah Falls- waterfalls in the gorgeThe area surrounding Carson and the hot springs is incredibly beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that we made a list of the best and most breathtaking places to see in the area. You can even enjoy natural beauty by simply looking out your window at Carson! We have a beautiful rolling golf course and gorgeous evergreens all around us. We offer the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, making us your ideal getaway in 2017.

Whether you’re looking for holistic healing, an escape from the outside world, or just a place to relax, Carson has you covered. Let 2017 be the year you reconnect with nature, heal your body, and relieve your mind. We’re happy to help!