Why Do People Love To Golf In Washington So Much?

Why Do People Love To Golf In Washington So Much?

Getting to spend time in Washington is a privilege that no one should take for granted. With such a diverse range of nature, there’s no limit to what you can see and explore. At Carson Hot Springs Resort, we take this idea of outdoor exploration and implement it into Elk Ridge Golf Course.

Our goal was to capture the essence of the Columbia River Gorge and lay it out for golfers to enjoy. Spending time on the golf course can be incredibly zen at times, and since we are all about relaxation, that was our motivation. For those who’ve never visited, you’re probably wondering why people love to golf in Washington so much.

A Way Go Screen Free

After a long week of staring at a computer screen all day, we all need some time outside. Going golfing is the perfect solution to go screen free because more often than not, you leave your cellphone in your bag or car. This allows you to truly appreciate the surroundings and also the people you’re with. Contrary to popular belief, the world doesn’t end if you don’t look at your phone every 10 minutes!

Affordable Pricing

When you think about world renowned golf courses, you normally don’t think about going to golf in Washington. While we’re not complaining, we feel that our state has flown under the radar for golf destinations. Even though most avid golfers know of places like Chambers Bay, you’d be hard-pressed to list out a few more. At Elk Ridge, our beautiful track is quite a hidden gem and as such, we make it compelling for guests to visit. One of the ways we do so is through our extremely affordable rates. We want guests and golfers to feel inclined to make this golf course their go-to spot, not simply a once in a lifetime trip.

Breathtaking Views

Google “Columbia River Gorge.” You probably don’t need to scroll too far to realize the true beauty of this landscape. Elk Ridge Golf Course is nestled right into this part of the world, giving it a secluded and breathtaking surrounding. With the mountains engulfing you seemingly every shot, there’s not a hole on the course that isn’t picture worthy.

Beautifully Manicured Holes

Imagine golfing in an incredibly beautiful part of nature, with great pricing, and exceptionally manicured fairways and greens. Have you opened your eyes yet? Yeah, you’re now at Elk Ridge. This part of Washington is so unique that it’s hard to believe you can golf here. Our grounds crew works so hard every day to make sure that not only is each hole is pristine shape, but also that the whole course is prepared for any condition. Our course is one of the driest courses in Washington thanks to the work of our grounds crew, making the draining system top notch.

So if you’re thinking about golfing and wonder why people love to golf in Washington so much, we hope this helps inspire you to come out to Elk Ridge. You may find yourself joining the believers and fall in love as well!