5 ways stress affects your body

5 Ways Stress Affects Your Body and What to Do About It

5 ways stress affects your body

Many of our guests here at Carson visit us to relieve stress, and for good reason. There are lots of natural stress relief techniques available here, from soothing mineral water baths to relaxing massages. We’re sure you’ll be eager to try them when you read this list of 5 ways stress affects your body. These are just a few of many adverse effects stress has on the body. So check them out and then book a stress relieving stay with us! Continue reading


10 Fun Facts About Golf

fun facts about golf

When you’re golfing at Elk Ridge Golf Course, you always want something to chat about in between holes. If the conversation gets dull or stops, it never hurts to have some random facts to pull out and keep the conversation lively. That’s why we compiled a list of fun facts about golf. We hope these help in some way, whether it’s on jeopardy or impressing your boss on a golf trip. Check out our list of 10 fun golf facts you never knew so you can impress your friends next time you’re playing 18 holes at the Elk Ridge Golf Course. Continue reading

Top 8 Essential Oils for Pain Relief

essential oils for pain reliefAs we stated before in our blog about essential oils, there are so many great ways to use this natural medicine. There are plenty of people who come to Carson Hot Springs Resort looking for holistic ways to heal, whether it be through a therapeutic massage or a rejuvenating dip in the mineral water. When talking with guests about what the most common problem they’re dealing with physically, the answer usually has to do with muscle pain. With that in mind, we decided to come up with our best essential oils for pain relief. Continue reading

hike the columbia river gorge

Why You Should Vacation in the Columbia River Gorge

As the snow begins to touch the ground and temperature drops, life in the Columbia River Gorge takes on a new identity. Here at Carson Hot Springs Resort, we embrace the winter months because of all it has to offer. For some, we understand that the winter came be a bit of a downer. Continue reading