Golfing in Columbia Gorge

Carson Hot Springs Resort provides a down to earth environment for guests to focus on themselves and their friends and family gathered with them. Our rural property is a place to decompress and detach from everyday life, amongst the beauty of nature and simplicity of our natural settings. Don’t miss out on our luxurious Hot Springs golf course during your stay with us at Carson Hot Springs Resort.

Hot Springs Golf Course

Elk Ridge Golf Course is a challenging links-style course for all different kinds of golfer, from beginner to expert in Carson Washington hot springs. Our newly-remodeled course offers beautiful hills and an excellent view of the Columbia Gorge, along with rich forestation for a unique opportunity to golf on a luxurious Hot Springs golf course. We are a par 71-golf course with more than 6,500 yards between the black and red tees making us the perfect class for golfers of all levels. Nothing compares to golfing at Carson Hot Springs Resort, complete with beautiful vistas and challenging 18 holes. Book your tee time with us today for an unforgettable getaway to Carson WA.

Carson Washington Hot Springs

Carson Hot Springs Resort in Carson WA is the perfect spot for a vintage vacation! Our lobby is located in the original St. Martin’s Hotel is your first step into our rustic accommodations check out our 1920’s Bath House! If you’re looking to unwind, unplug and get away from it all you’ve come to the right spot! Other than our premier Hot Springs golf course we also offer an array of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, such as rafting, fishing, hiking, and biking. The newly renovated golf course, Elk Ridge Golf Course, highlights astonishing views, and the Clubhouse serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you can spend the day out on our course. Don’t delay book your golfing trip to Carson Hot Springs Resort today!

Mineral Water

Our Mineral Water: What it is and What it Does

Our mineral water, pumped from the riverbed of Wind River, warms and detoxifies the body while bringing the blood to the surface of the skin. The mineral water we use offers a variety of health benefits and helps with issues including but not limited to: pain, stress, indigestion, musculoskeletal disorders, and more. Learn what our water is made of and how it benefits your body and soul.

1. Release of energy from cells
2. Manufacture of glycogen and protein
3. Regulates fluid balance
4. Transmission of nerve impulses
5. Important in maintaining normal heart beat
6. Muscle contractions

1. Maintain normal fluid balance
2. Transmission of nerve impulses
3. Muscle contractions
4. Helps to increase permeability of cell walls

1. Development and maintenance of strong bones & teeth
2. Protects against Osteoporosis
3. Ensures proper clotting of the blood
4. Needed for the contraction and relaxation of muscles, especially the heart
5. Needed for proper utilization of iron
6. Assists in the absorption of Vitamin B-12
7. Helps to regulate cell permeability

1. Helps to form strong bones and teeth
2. Helps to regulate muscle relaxation and contraction
3. Maintains proper function of nerves
4. Activates enzymes controlling energy metabolism

1. Maintains healthy hair and nails
2. Needed in eliminating blood diseases
3. Helps to eliminate some skin diseases
4. Stimulates the liver and increases the flow of bile
5. Important in maintaining normal body metabolism
6. Detoxifies some poisons in the body

1. Development of strong bones and teeth
2. A component of the enzyme system in a cell which governs the release of energy
3. Assists with protein production and defines the structure of cell DNA and RNA
4. Helps maintain neutrality of body fluids

bathhouse mineral soaking

Hot Springs and the Art of Mineral Soaking

We have access to such a wealth of resources here in Carson. Not only do we have our own spa, acres of land, and hot springs, but we feed that water right into our bath house. You reap the benefits! So we constantly receive questions about the effects of mineral soaking.

  • “Will this help my pain?”
  • “I’m super stressed. How can this help me?”
  • “Will your bath house help with my husband’s circulation issues?”

While we cannot guarantee anything, there are many possible benefits to spending some time soaking in hot mineral water. Continue reading

Book Club: What to Read Before the End of the Summer

Don’t have the time to get to a regular book-club meeting? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be recommending new reads for every season. This round, we present: five novels to get into before it gets chilly. You need to read these books with a cold one in your other hand — on the beach, at the pool, or in a lawn chair. Continue reading

Wahkeena Falls- waterfalls in the gorge

Planning a Weekend Getaway This September

September is gaining on us. Can you believe it? Some kids will be starting back at school in just a few weeks! Back-to-school season brings stressful, hectic days, even for those not sending a child off to the bus every morning. Everyone deserves a little back-to-school getaway to make that transition smoother. Continue reading

Eating Through the Columbia River Gorge: River Rock

You won’t go hungry when you visit Carson Hot Springs.

Whether you’re taking your coffee up to your room, eating your way through our chef-designed menu at the on-site Elk Ridge Bar & Grill, or enjoying a picnic in the woods — you’ll be comfortable. But maybe you do need a little night out. So we’re featuring more restaurants around the Columbia Gorge. This round? We hit River Rock, located in Stevenson, WA, at 1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way. Continue reading