elk ridge- best golf course in washington

Why Elk Ridge Golf Course Is The Best Golf Course In Washington

Being the best golf course in Washington isn’t just about how it plays, but also includes your overall experience. Elk Ridge Golf Course offers golfers a chance to not only play an incredible round of golf but also a chance to spend a day in one of Washington’s hidden gems. While we know we’re being biased, various golf websites have placed us in the top 10 of golf courses in WA. Continue reading


10 Fun Facts About Golf

fun facts about golf

When you’re golfing at Elk Ridge Golf Course, you always want something to chat about in between holes. If the conversation gets dull or stops, it never hurts to have some random facts to pull out and keep the conversation lively. That’s why we compiled a list of fun facts about golf. We hope these help in some way, whether it’s on jeopardy or impressing your boss on a golf trip. Check out our list of 10 fun golf facts you never knew so you can impress your friends next time you’re playing 18 holes at the Elk Ridge Golf Course. Continue reading

benefits of essential oil

5 Benefits of Essential Oil

benefits of essential oilAt Carson Hot Springs Resort, we believe that the best cure for health problems can be found from nature. Natural medicine is a part of our resort, so we truly think that healing comes from the environment. When it comes to the benefits of essential oil, the list can go on and on. Continue reading