Bath and Wrap

This service involves a healing 25 minute soak in mineral water followed by a 25 minute traditional linen wrap that warms and soothes the body.

Monday-Thursday:$30 (+tax)

Friday-Sunday & Holidays:$35 (+tax)



This is a 50 minute classic, full-body massage. Massages are beneficial for stress, joint pain, musculoskeletal issues, and more. We also offer prenatal massages up to the 9th month of pregnancy.

Monday-Thursday:$90 (+tax) 

Friday-Sunday & Holidays: $100 (+tax)  

Deep Tissue Massage/Prenatal Massage

Monday-Thursday: $100 (+tax)

Friday-Sunday & Holidays: $110 (+tax)

Couple’s Massage

Monday-Thursday: starting at $200 (+tax) 

Friday-Sunday & Holidays: starting at $220 (+tax)  

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

starting November 1st, 2017

Monday-Thursday: $100 (+tax)

Friday-Sunday & Holidays: $110 (+tax)



This classic facial firms and rejuvenates for healthy, youthful looking skin. Our Estheticians customize treatments based on each individual client’s skin health, lifestyle and skincare routine.

Monday – Thursday 50 minutes: $100 (+tax) on Call

Friday-Sunday & Holidays 50 minutes: $110 (+tax)

Dry Sauna & Shower

Sweat out your body’s toxins in our dry sauna and follow it up with a relaxing hot shower.

Monday – Thursday: $10(+tax) 

Friday-Sunday & Holidays:$15 (+tax)