Rejuvenating Getaway to our SPA

Carson Hot Springs Resort is located amongst the lushes forests of the Columbia Riverbanks. You’ll be able to enjoy a rejuvenating getaway in our relaxing atmosphere. Our mineral water offers a wide range of health benefits, which can help soothed pain, musculoskeletal disorders, stress, indigestion, and more. If you add in any of our Massage services, they’ll help with joint pain, muscle tension, and other issues. Overall you’ll experience a luxurious treatment that is healing for both your mind and body. 

Bathhouse in Carson Washington

Our 1930s bathhouse offers an authentic experience with several claw foot tubs and vintage stylings in the oldest building of our three Carson Washington hotels. Enjoy the benefits of our mineral water pumped directly into the bathtubs for an all-natural healing bath. Followed with a linen wrap massage. Our Carson Hot Springs Resort Spa will be the best self-care getaway you can get for yourself. 

Soothing Services

When you come to our Carson Washington hot springs, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of services, starting with our Bath & Wrap. This service includes a 25-minute healing soak in our mineral water followed with a 25-minute traditional linen wrap that warms and soothes the body. Then we offer a Yon-Ka European Facial, which is a classic facial that helps firm and rejuvenate your skin to help it look more youthful and healthy. Our estheticians customize all treatments to each one of our client’s skin health and skincare routine. The Dry Sauna & Shower offers a treatment that helps your body sweat out toxins inside our dry sauna and washes them away with a relaxing hot shower. We also offer Facial Waxing for eyebrows, lip, and Chin. Make sure to enjoy the benefits of our Carson hot springs Washington during your stay at Carson Hot Springs Resort.

bathhouse mineral soaking

Hot Springs and the Art of Mineral Soaking

We have access to such a wealth of resources here in Carson. Not only do we have our own spa, acres of land, and hot springs, but we feed that water right into our bath house. You reap the benefits! So we constantly receive questions about the effects of mineral soaking.

  • “Will this help my pain?”
  • “I’m super stressed. How can this help me?”
  • “Will your bath house help with my husband’s circulation issues?”

While we cannot guarantee anything, there are many possible benefits to spending some time soaking in hot mineral water. Continue reading