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benefits of essential oil

5 Benefits of Essential Oil

benefits of essential oilAt Carson Hot Springs Resort, we believe that the best cure for health problems can be found from nature. Natural medicine is a part of our resort, so we truly think that healing comes from the environment. When it comes to the benefits of essential oil, the list can go on and on. Continue reading

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Holistic Healing Methods to Handle Stress

handle stress

Many of our guests at Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort come here seeking ways to handle stress, and we’re more than happy to help. Stress gets to all of us, whether it’s caused by work, family, or physical health, it takes a serious toll on the body. That’s why we decided to put together a list of some holistic healing methods to handle stress here at Carson. Continue reading

healthy habits

5 Healthy Habits You Should Adopt Today

healthy habits

Building healthy habits is no easy task, but it’s well worth the effort. At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we understand the value of living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. In fact, we actively encourage our guests to be the healthiest and happiest they can possibly be. So we came up with this list of 5 healthy habits you should adopt today for a healthier and happier life! Continue reading

mental health

5 Ways Visiting Carson Can Benefit Your Mental Health

mental health

You may already be familiar with the many holistic health benefits that Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort has to offer, but did you know a visit to as can actually benefit your mental health as well? A visit to Carson can significantly help those suffering from depression anxiety disorders, and more. Even if you’re not suffering from a mental health issue, you can enjoy the healing benefits of a spa getaway at Carson. Here’s how. Continue reading

how to increase positivity naturally

How to Increase Positivity Naturally

how to increase positivity naturally

At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we understand the importance of positive thinking. In fact, positivity has a direct effect on your overall health. It’s hard to take good care of your body if you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity. So we put together this list of ways to increase positivity naturally to help you feel better physically and mentally. Continue reading

natural mood boosters

Natural Mood Boosters That Actually Work

natural mood boosters

At Carson we understand the importance of holistic healing. We understand the desire to find natural remedies over chemical ones. Though we encourage you to follow doctors orders and take any medication you are prescribed, we put together this list of natural mood boosters for those who suffer from anxiety depression, and other mood disorders. Many of these methods are available right here at Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort! Continue reading

Why You Should Unplug and Spend Time in Nature

spend time in nature

As more and more of us live in urban areas, and we become increasingly dependent on screens and other forms of technology, we are beginning to lose touch with nature. And as we continue to distance ourselves from nature, it is becoming even more clear how much we need nature to be a part of our lives. Continue reading