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Wine tasting at Hood River vineyard

Best Wine Tasting | Hood River and Carson, WA

Wine tasting at Hood River vineyardThe Columbia River runs between Washington and Oregon, directly through the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest. From the tumbling Multnomah Falls of Oregon to the colorful Columbia Hills State Park of Washington, the entire Columbia River Gorge is full of incredible rolling hills and some of the most breathtaking vineyards and wineries in the world. When you stay in Carson, WA, you have easy access to it all. So whether you’re looking for Hood River, Oregon, wineries or for tasting rooms in Washington, Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort is the ideal place for you to wine, dine, and unwind.

Washington Tasting Room Options

There are dozens of fabulous tasting room options near Carson Hot Springs, and we love them all. But we’ve selected three of the closest and tastiest Pacific Coast wine bar locations on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.

  • Aniche Cellars is a rustic winery that prioritizes sustainability and recycling. All of their locally sourced grapes are from within a 150-mile radius. They compost the unused portions of their grapes back into their soil, and they recycle their bottles and storage tanks. They make many different types of wine, including some fantastic red blends.
  • Willow Wine Cellars is another local hit with unobstructed views of the scenery associated with Hood River, Oregon, wineries. It provides a spectacular look at the majestic Mount Hood. Willow Wine Cellars focuses on varietal types of wine, so you’ll find more traditional options like cabernet franc and albariño.
  • Hawkins Wine Cellars has two tasting rooms near Carson, WA, but the Underwood Tasting Room is by far the most convenient and picturesque. It was recognized as the top-rated winery in the Pacific Northwest by Travel + Leisure in 2017. This is another winery with several types of wine, so you can taste everything from rosé to cabernet sauvignon.

Wine Tasting Hood River, Oregon Wineries

Thanks to our location right where Wind River and Columbia River meet, our Carson, WA, resort is the perfect place to stay when you want to enjoy wine from two different states. For the best wine tasting Hood River has to offer, check out these northern Oregon businesses.

  • The Gorge White House is a 1908 Dutch Colonial home owned by the Kennedy family, who have been farming Hood River for generations. Their orchards Pacific Coast wine bar flightproduce flavorful pear wine and hard ciders, and their tasting room offers their own wines as well as other local sips. You can pick your own fresh fruit from the orchard. The family is always happy to show you and your family around the farm.
  • Stave & Stone Winery has two Pacific Coast wine bar locations—one in downtown Hood River and the other just south on Route 35, near a lavender farm. Choose from sweeter types of wine like zinfandel and riesling or something darker like their very own red blend Quiver.

Stay with Carson Hot Springs to do wine tasting Hood River style, with mountainous backgrounds and fresh, riverland air. When you finish your personalized Hood River wine tours, return to our resort spa to continue relaxing all week long. Call 509-427-8296 to make your reservation today.

Boosting Your Physical and Mental Health with Hot Springs in Carson WA

Soaking in hot mineral springs is a relaxing way to spend a vacation, but did you know it also has many health benefits? The high temperature and mineral content of the water has numerous healing properties, which have been used across Europe and Japan for thousands of years. In America, the temperatures range from roughly 90-130 degrees, and the plethora of minerals include sulfur, calcium, potassium, silica, magnesium, bicarbonate, and lithium. If you have pain, stress, skin concerns, or just need a way to unwind, our Carson hot springs are here to help.

Boosts Heart Health

The various minerals found in natural hot springs are excellent for heart health. Sodium bicarbonate stimulates circulation, potassium balances blood pressure, and calcium protects the heart — similar to the effects of exercise. In fact, the high water temperatures alone were found to increase heart rate and lower both diastolic and mean blood pressure in a study by the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education. When your heart’s healthy, your other vital organs and tissues are also kept strong.

Relieves Pain

Soaking in hot-spring water relaxes muscles and relieves pain which makes it beneficial for people with arthritis and chronic muscle aches. The levels of sodium, magnesium, and potassium work to ease muscle cramps and fatigue – even long after you leave the water. In one study, hot mineral bathing was discovered to help improve fibromyalgia fatigue and function, as well as provide pain relief. Furthermore, soaking in the water eases the pressure off stiff joints and muscles and encourages more natural movement.

Benefits Skin 

Spring water is rich in minerals which boosts skin health. After soaking in the water, dry, rough skin will become soft and moisturized thanks to the silica. The high sulfur content is excellent for improving rashes, eczema, and psoriasis. The presence of magnesium in mineral water has also been proven to hydrate dry skin, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the skin barrier, a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology reveals.

Carson Hot Springs

Finally, hot springs are also effective stress relievers. Heat relaxes muscles while minerals like potassium and lithium improve mental health and relieve stress and anxiety. When you soak in warm water, your body temperature will also rise and cool, a process which helps promote deep restful sleep. A long soak in our hot mineral spring is just what you need to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and health. So, book your relaxing getaway to our beautiful Carson Hot Springs for a rejuvenating trip amongst our beautiful Washington accommodations.

Golfing in Columbia Gorge

Carson Hot Springs Resort provides a down to earth environment for guests to focus on themselves and their friends and family gathered with them. Our rural property is a place to decompress and detach from everyday life, amongst the beauty of nature and simplicity of our natural settings. Don’t miss out on our luxurious Hot Springs golf course during your stay with us at Carson Hot Springs Resort.

Hot Springs Golf Course

Elk Ridge Golf Course is a challenging links-style course for all different kinds of golfer, from beginner to expert in Carson Washington hot springs. Our newly-remodeled course offers beautiful hills and an excellent view of the Columbia Gorge, along with rich forestation for a unique opportunity to golf on a luxurious Hot Springs golf course. We are a par 71-golf course with more than 6,500 yards between the black and red tees making us the perfect class for golfers of all levels. Nothing compares to golfing at Carson Hot Springs Resort, complete with beautiful vistas and challenging 18 holes. Book your tee time with us today for an unforgettable getaway to Carson WA.

Carson Washington Hot Springs

Carson Hot Springs Resort in Carson WA is the perfect spot for a vintage vacation! Our lobby is located in the original St. Martin’s Hotel is your first step into our rustic accommodations check out our 1920’s Bath House! If you’re looking to unwind, unplug and get away from it all you’ve come to the right spot! Other than our premier Hot Springs golf course we also offer an array of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, such as rafting, fishing, hiking, and biking. The newly renovated golf course, Elk Ridge Golf Course, highlights astonishing views, and the Clubhouse serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you can spend the day out on our course. Don’t delay book your golfing trip to Carson Hot Springs Resort today!

Eating Through the Columbia River Gorge: River Rock

You won’t go hungry when you visit Carson Hot Springs.

Whether you’re taking your coffee up to your room, eating your way through our chef-designed menu at the on-site Elk Ridge Bar & Grill, or enjoying a picnic in the woods — you’ll be comfortable. But maybe you do need a little night out. So we’re featuring more restaurants around the Columbia Gorge. This round? We hit River Rock, located in Stevenson, WA, at 1131 SW Skamania Lodge Way. Continue reading

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Hot Springs Across the U.S. for Your Bucket List

Hot springs in the United States are among the most spectacular natural phenomena. Our own hot springs in Carson, Washington, make for a relaxing retreat alongside our spa services and golf course, but what about those that are their own attraction? We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most beautiful American hot springs. Get out your bucket list. Continue reading