hike the columbia river gorge

Why Hike the Columbia Gorge

hike the columbia gorge

As you may already know, Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa resort is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Pacific Northwest, right along the Columbia Gorge. It’s a historic region with incredible scenery and we’re proud to be a part of it. But there are reasons to visit us and the Gorge other than the benefits of going to our authentic hot springs spa. Here’s why we think you should hike the Columbia Gorge. Continue reading

6 Skin Care Myths Debunked

Beautiful retro woman whispering a gossip to her surprised frien

A lot of our guests at Carson come to us seeking skin care treatment. However, we’re always surprised by the many skin care myths our guests still believe. These myths can lead to improperly treating your skin, as well as anxiety over nonexistent issues. That’s why we put together this list of 6 skin care myths and debunked them for you. Continue reading

Why We Love All Things Vintage

vintage rotary phone

If you’ve ever been a guest at Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, then one thing is certain. You can appreciate the beauty of the vintage lifestyle. At Carson, we more than appreciate it, though. From the clawfoot tubs in our authentic bathhouse to the many TV-free rooms, our dedication to keeping it vintage is clear. We’re drawn to the vintage lifestyle for a number of reasons that we’re sure you’ll appreciate and relate to. So here’s a breakdown of why we love all things vintage. Continue reading

meditate in mineral water

Why Meditate in Mineral Water

meditate in mineral water

You may have heard about the many benefits of meditation, but did you know you can enhance these benefits by meditating during your mineral water soak at Carson? That’s right. You can combine the benefits of an all-natural mineral water bath with the benefits of mindful meditation to achieve ultimate mind and body wellness. Here are the facts. Continue reading

holistic skin care tips

7 Holistic Skin Care Tips to Try Today

holistic skin care tips

As you may have heard, St. Martins hot spring is the real fountain of youth thanks to the many beauty benefits of mineral water. But using mineral water just one of many holistic skin techniques you can use to keep your skin looking younger longer. Check out our list of 7 holistic skin care tips and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Continue reading

Why You Should Unplug and Spend Time in Nature

spend time in nature

As more and more of us live in urban areas, and we become increasingly dependent on screens and other forms of technology, we are beginning to lose touch with nature. And as we continue to distance ourselves from nature, it is becoming even more clear how much we need nature to be a part of our lives. Continue reading