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Columbia River Gorge waterfalls

Top 5 Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

Columbia River Gorge waterfallsWaterfalls have forever been a favorite highlight of any outdoor trip for any outdoor enthusiast. The Pacific Northwest is not only full of waterfalls to explore but has some of the best ones in the contiguous United States. From waterfalls reaching up to 620 feet to smaller, yet still magnificent falls, there are more than enough Columbia River Gorge waterfalls for you to search for and explore. 

A stay in the Columbia River Gorge area just wouldn’t be complete without a room at the Carson Hot Springs Resort, where you’ll be close to nature and its many waterfalls. At the Carson Hot Springs Resort, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the nature that surrounds the resort, with plenty of time to soak in their soothing mineral water as you take in nature’s spectacular views. A resort with its own spa, the Carson Hot Springs Resort has plenty of room options for you to choose from to make your relaxing Columbia River Gorge vacation more than perfect, from full apartments to suites complete with their own hot tub. 

When you stay here, you’ll have more than enough chances to go out and see the many surrounding Columbia River Gorge waterfalls, and with as many as there are to choose from, you can be sure that adventure is around every corner, but here are five waterfalls you absolutely can’t miss.

Multnomah Falls

Easily the most famous and iconic Columbia River Gorge waterfall, Multnomah Falls stands at a spectacular 620 feet. While the hike to the falls is only 1.3 miles, hikers will be able to continue down the Wahkeena Loop Trail after reaching the falls, which is 6 miles. When you go to see Multnomah Falls, you’ll also catch views of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge itself, making this trip more than worth the trek.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is another Columbia River Gorge waterfall that stands at an impressive height. While it isn’t quite as tall as Multnomah Falls, its height still manages to impress at over 100 feet, and accessing the falls itself comes with a trip to Bridal Veil State Park. Although there are two paths, an upper and a lower path, that will help you reach the famous Bridal Veil Falls, it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. Keep in mind that while the lower path is fairly short, it is not wheelchair accessible, and is a fairly narrow path. 

Latourell Falls

If you’re looking for one of the best and most accessible Columbia River Gorge waterfalls, Latourell Falls is the spot for you. Standing at a towering 249 feet, Latourell Falls can be accessed either by car or by foot from the historic highway. Its spot in Guy W. Talbot State Park also comes ready for your visit with a nearby picnic area, so you can enjoy the waterfall and a good meal all at once.

Horsetail Falls

If you’re visiting Multnomah Falls, you should pay Horsetail Falls a visit too. With its unique shape and height of 176 feet, Horsetail Falls is located only 2.5 miles from Multnomah Falls along the Columbia River Scenic Highway. This Columbia River Gorge waterfall also has a nearby picnic area, parking lot, and trailhead, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll be able to extend your trip and hike to the upper portion of the falls, known as Ponytail Falls, so that you can get as many waterfalls into one day as possible.

Elowah Falls

If you’re looking to get a little off the beaten path with your waterfall adventures, Elowah Falls is the Columbia River Gorge waterfall for you. Elowah Falls is one of the Columbia River Gorge’s tallest waterfalls, standing at 220 feet, and it’s surrounded by a beautiful scenic landscape of rocks covered in yellow lichen. This waterfall can be accessed through John B. Yeon State Park, but it is a bit harder to find than the others, so keep your eyes peeled for the trailhead!

Carson Hot Springs Resort

There are more than enough beautiful waterfalls to fill your entire trip to the Columbia River Gorge area. When you stay at Carson Hot Springs Resort, you’ll be close by to each of these towering Columbia River Gorge waterfalls, and more. A stay with Carson Hot Springs Resort will allow you to relax in their spa, and afterward, make the most of the abundant nature that the Pacific North West has to offer you on your next trip into the wilderness.

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