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Hot Springs and the Art of Mineral Soaking

We have access to such a wealth of resources here in Carson. Not only do we have our own spa, acres of land, and hot springs, but we feed that water right into our bath house. You reap the benefits! So we constantly receive questions about the effects of mineral soaking.

  • “Will this help my pain?”
  • “I’m super stressed. How can this help me?”
  • “Will your bath house help with my husband’s circulation issues?”

While we cannot guarantee anything, there are many possible benefits to spending some time soaking in hot mineral water. Continue reading

Book Club: What to Read Before the End of the Summer

Don’t have the time to get to a regular book-club meeting? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be recommending new reads for every season. This round, we present: five novels to get into before it gets chilly. You need to read these books with a cold one in your other hand — on the beach, at the pool, or in a lawn chair. Continue reading

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Hot Springs Across the U.S. for Your Bucket List

Hot springs in the United States are among the most spectacular natural phenomena. Our own hot springs in Carson, Washington, make for a relaxing retreat alongside our spa services and golf course, but what about those that are their own attraction? We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most beautiful American hot springs. Get out your bucket list. Continue reading

best hot springs in Washington

What Makes Us the Best Hot Springs In Washington

best hot springs in WashingtonWhile it may be obvious for those who have visited, we want to give new comers a chance to understand why we’re the best hot springs in Washington. At Carson Hot Springs Resort, we pride ourselves in every aspect of our business. From how we make the bed for you to the spa treatment we give, there is nothing left out of our process. We think about each detail to make sure you walk away happy and satisfied. Continue reading

relieve stress naturally

5 Quick Tips to Relieve Stress Naturally

relieve stress naturally

Stress affects all of us. In fact, it’s a pretty big part of our daily lives. Whether you suffer from a mental disorder like anxiety, or you simply need a way to take the edge off the daily stressors we all face, Carson is here to help! We’re strong proponents of avoiding medication when possible, so here’s our list of 5 quick tips to relieve stress naturally. Continue reading


Holistic Migraine Relief at Carson


Lots of guests come to Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort seeking natural pain relief. Whether it’s delayed onset muscle soreness or arthritis, our healing waters and spa services offer all-natural relief. But did you know that we can also help with migraine pain? Many of our guests have tried various cocktails and medication with no results, but found relief using holistic healing methods offered here at Carson. Continue reading

holistic healing

Surprising Benefits of Holistic Healing

holistic healing

At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we value the art of holistic healing. It’s an under-appreciated form of healing that actually has a number of benefits. If you haven’t done your research yet, then this is the post for you. We gathered some of the surprising benefits of holistic healing that we believe all of our guests deserve to know. Read on to learn more! Continue reading

how to increase positivity naturally

How to Increase Positivity Naturally

how to increase positivity naturally

At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we understand the importance of positive thinking. In fact, positivity has a direct effect on your overall health. It’s hard to take good care of your body if you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity. So we put together this list of ways to increase positivity naturally to help you feel better physically and mentally. Continue reading