benefits of taking a long hot bath

Benefits of Taking a Long Hot Bath

benefits of taking a long hot bath

Whether it’s in a tub of our healing mineral water or in the comfort of your own home, taking a long hot bath has a number of benefits that you may not know. Even if you did know them already, our list of benefits will serve as a nice reminder to practice self care and give your body what it wants and needs. So check out this list of benefits of taking a long hot bath! Continue reading

mental health

5 Ways Visiting Carson Can Benefit Your Mental Health

mental health

You may already be familiar with the many holistic health benefits that Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort has to offer, but did you know a visit to as can actually benefit your mental health as well? A visit to Carson can significantly help those suffering from depression anxiety disorders, and more. Even if you’re not suffering from a mental health issue, you can enjoy the healing benefits of a spa getaway at Carson. Here’s how. Continue reading

Why We Love All Things Vintage

vintage rotary phone

If you’ve ever been a guest at Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, then one thing is certain. You can appreciate the beauty of the vintage lifestyle. At Carson, we more than appreciate it, though. From the clawfoot tubs in our authentic bathhouse to the many TV-free rooms, our dedication to keeping it vintage is clear. We’re drawn to the vintage lifestyle for a number of reasons that we’re sure you’ll appreciate and relate to. So here’s a breakdown of why we love all things vintage. Continue reading